Looking for the best ATV tours in Moorea? I’ve got you covered!

On the island of Moorea, there are many fun things you can do to make your trip unforgettable, one of which is exploring the island with an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).

The stunning landscapes of Moorea invite tourists for adventure. You’ll find places in Moorea that are must see and can only be reached by an ATV or 4×4, and choosing an ATV is definitely a better option than sitting back in a 4×4.

When in Moorea, it’s a must to add an ATV tour to your Moorea itinerary. This will allow you to get the true experience of the island in a fun and unique way.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best Moorea ATV tours for you, all with something unique to offer. You can book one based on your preferences.

The best ATV tours in Moorea

A man standing behind an ATV in Moorea with views of green mountains and cloudy sky

1. Grand Tour Quad Excursion in Moorea

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Tour Length: 3.75 Hours

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If you’re looking for the best overall ATV Tour in Moorea that won’t break your bank, this one is for you.

You and the group will make stops at various cool sights and will see not only the exterior but also the interior of the island.

On tour day, you’re expected to meet with your tour guide at Moorea Activities Center in Opunohu or you can request a pickup at your desired location.

Your first stop will likely be at pineapple fields where your guide will share some insights about the fields with you.

“Had an absolutely wonderful time on this trip. Scenery was beautiful, and so Much fun. Our guides were top notch, would 100% recommend this activity”

– James_D (Read more reviews)

After that, you’ll arrive at the Belvedere Lookout point where you’ll get to see the giant Mount Rotui and two bays. Views up there are so amazing that you’ll definitely want to take photos.

You’ll also be offered some jams to taste and drinks for refreshment. This half-day group tour will end at Magic Mountain overlook with stunning views of Moorea’s north coast.

The tour operator gives you the flexibility to reschedule or cancel the tour for a full refund if you happen to change your plans.

2. Grand Magic Combo Jetski + Quad

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Tour Length: 8.5 Hours

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If you’re looking for a tour that lets you ride both the land and water of Moorea without having to book these tours separately, then this full day tour is the perfect bang for your buck.

You’ll be taken by the hills and valleys of Moorea, visit its various attractions, experience the island from heights, and then dive into the turquoise waters to discover Moorea’s colorful marine life.

After meeting your guide, you’ll hop on quad bikes and ride along the roads and dirt paths. Your first stop will probably be at the pineapple fields, where you can get a beautiful overview of the fields and learn about how Tahitian people have been growing pineapples for centuries.

Next, you’ll head to the Belvedere for amazing views of Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay separated by Mount Rotui which is a sacred mountain for Tahitian people.

“Perfect combination to get a good impression of Moorea in one day. We had a wonderful time. The tour guides are extremely friendly.”

– Elice_C (Read more reviews)

You might be feeling thirsty due to the hot climate, for that you’ll be served with local juices at Rotui Juice Factory as refreshment.

After touring the juice factory, you’ll get to taste more local products, including Moorea’s famous jams at the Moorea Tropical Garden. It’s a great place to take a break and soak up some great views.

Visit to the Magic Mountain will be the final destination of your land excursion. The views from up the mountain are absolutely breathtaking.

Once you’re done with ATVing, it’s time to hit the water. You can have fun riding jet skis and cruising around the waters of Moorea with your guide. You’ll also go swimming, and see sharks, dolphins, rays, and reefs at Motu Tiahura.

This combo package offers an incredible tour of Moorea, both on land and water. Allowing you to create some wonderful memories of your trip to Moorea.

If you don’t feel like doing the whole tour in one day, don’t worry. The tour operator lets you choose whether you want to do both the quad and jetski tours on the same day or on two separate days.

Jet skis floating on water with a kid standing and a man swimming

3. Small Quad Tour Quad Excursion

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Tour Length: 2.75 Hours

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Don’t have much time on Moorea but still want to get enough of the island, then this small Moorea Quad Tour is the perfect way to do it.

In this Moorea ATV Excursion, you’ll go through the interior of the island, learn about its culture, history, and see many of its amazing places.

You’ll explore Moorea’s famous pineapple fields and even get to taste the island’s local products such as jams at Lycee Agricole.

After that, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Moorea’s renowned bays, Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay from the Belvedere Lookout. The scenery of the bays, Mount Rotui and the lush greenery of Moorea in front is definitely a sight to behold.

“This was a fun, informative tour. Beautiful scenery great guide – excellent experience. Highly recommend.”

– Ron_G (Read more reviews)

This short ATV tour of Moorea will come to an end at Tropical Garden of Moorea where you’ll taste more local goodies.

If you feel that you haven’t seen enough of Moorea, you can ask your tour operator to extend the tour and they will happily do it for you for a small extra fee. This will allow you to explore more of beautiful Moorea.

4. Moorea Solo or Twin ATV Tour

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Tour Length: 3 Hours

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This Moorea solo or twin ATV tour by Top Jet & Top Quad Moorea is a small group experience of less than ten people that allows you to ride ATVs around the island in a fun and informative way.

This tour operator tries to limit the tour to a maximum group of eight people which makes it somewhat of a private tour. Because other tour operators often try to pack as many people as possible into their tours, and this can lead to a lack of connection between the tour guide and the participants.

So having fewer folks on the tour can actually be a good thing.

“We had so much fun on this tour!! Our guide was amazing and really informative about the island. The whole ride was so amazing, there was so much to see! We would for sure do it again!!!”

– Abrianna_Z (Read more reviews)

You’ll visit pineapple fields, see different fruit plantations and vegetables near the agricultural school and also do some fruit tasting.

Riding through the Opunohu Valley and pineapple fields, you’ll be reaching Belvedere Lookout for spectacular views of Mt. Rotui along the two bays.

Then a small hike up to the Magic Mountain is an experience in itself and you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the northern coast of Moorea at the top.

The tour will finish with some juices and rum tasting at Moorea Juice Factory. Don’t forget to pick up some local delicacies like jams as souvenirs from the places you visit.

Quad bikes tour going through pineapple fields in pao pao village

5. Small Combo Quad + Jetski

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Tour Length: 6 Hours

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On a budget and short on time, but still want to experience both ATVs and Jetskis on the island of Moorea, then this small combo quad plus jetski tour is the right one for you.

This tour covers both land and waters in just half a day, unlike other tours that often take up the whole day for this combo package. While this excursion may not be as extensive as their Grand Combo Jetski + Quad Tour, you’ll still get enough of the island.

The tour kicks off in the morning from Moorea Activities Center in Opunohu where you’ll receive instructions on how to operate quad bikes in Moorea and a briefing on the overall tour.

“Great experience and sensations. A different way of seeing the island of Moorea and quite quickly. Top facilitators, super friendly! Plus, superb souvenir photos!”

Astrid_S (Read more reviews)

Like most tours, your first stop will likely be at Moorea’s pineapple plantations. Then going through fields, driving off-roads, the adventurous ATV tour reaches up at an overlook point called Belvedere.

After enjoying all the scenic views of the land area, you’ll return to the meeting point for the jet ski tour. There’s usually a break of an hour or two before you go jet skiing, so be prepared for that layover, maybe grab lunch, relax or chat with your guides.

The water part is just as exciting as the land part. You’ll be riding jet skis on the northwest coast of Moorea, and your tour guide might encourage you to go faster for some extra fun.

Then they’ll make a stop for swimming, and you’ll get to see sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles in the waters of Moorea.

Requirements to drive ATV in Moorea

The requirements for ATVing in Moorea aren’t too strict. Most Moorea ATV rentals require the driver to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Rider’s conditions

It’s not recommended to ride ATVs for pregnant travelers, those with back problems or any serious medical conditions. Also, if you’re under the influence of alcohol or any substances, you won’t be allowed on the tour, and there won’t be any refunds.

Babies under the age of 5 are not allowed on ATV tours, and if older than that, then must be accompanied by an adult.

Weight limit

The maximum weight limit for ATVs in Moorea is 400 to 600 pounds (180 to 270 kilograms), including the weight of the riders and luggage.

quad bikes on a road leading to Belvedere through green fields

Are Moorea ATV tours safe?

ATV tours in Moorea are generally safe as tour operators take precautions before letting you drive the vehicles.

ATV tour operators in Moorea provide you with a briefing on how to drive ATVs safely, as well as essential safety gear such as helmets, goggles and if the weather looks bad, they’ve the light rain gear for you.

However, as you know there’s always a small risk involved in driving any kind of vehicle, so it’s important to drive safely and follow the instructions given by your guide.

If you ever feel uncomfortable driving ATV or sense anything wrong with your vehicle during the ride, do not hesitate to inform your tour guide. Always prioritize safety!

How much does it cost to go ATVing in Moorea?

ATV tour prices in Moorea usually start around $150 per person and can go up to $500, depending on the tour operator and activities included in the tour.

The prices will increase substantially if you add more people to the tour. But don’t need to worry, instead of choosing separate quads for everyone, you can share them.

What is it like riding ATVs in Moorea?

ATV riding is one of the best outdoor activities in Moorea as you can explore all the different terrains of Moorea in a fun & adventurous way.

The roads on the island are mostly paved especially around the main attraction sites. But due to the rural vibe of the island, you’ll see many dirt roads leading you inland.

These dirt roads might sound like a hassle, but they offer a great opportunity for off-road and bumpy adventures. And this is where All Terrain Vehicles really shine.

In sum, if you want to race your quad bikes and cruise around the island in a smooth way, you can do that on the paved roads. And if you want your adrenaline pumping and feel the thrill of off-road driving, you can do that too here in Moorea.

Best time for ATV tours

While any time of year is good for ATV tours in Moorea, it is best to avoid rainy days, especially heavy rains. This is because the dirt roads can get muddy and slippery, making it difficult to drive. However, light rain is usually not a problem.

What should you wear when riding ATV in Moorea?

You should wear light comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, along with walking shoes. It’d be better if you bring sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and insect spray with you to protect yourself from Moorea’s tropical sun and insects in the woods.

Moorea ATV tour cruising around the island

4×4 or ATV

While it’s easy to choose between a 4×4 and an ATV (quad bike), some people do ask this question whether they should go with a quad bike tour or a 4×4 tour.

ATVs and 4x4s (four-wheel drives) are two different types of vehicles with their own advantages. One is about sitting back and enjoying the views while the driver takes you places. The other is about having fun and experiencing the thrill of driving these awesome vehicles while also taking in the scenery.

So, it really depends on you and your personal preferences which one you choose.

Types of ATVs used in Moorea

The most popular and the best ATV in Moorea is the 2024 Can-Am Outlander. Most ATV tour companies use this model on their tours because it’s reliable, comfortable and has a powerful engine.
You’ll also see some less common models like the SMC Jumbo 700 and Linhai M565L on the island of Moorea.

Final thoughts on Best Moorea ATV Tours

Saying this again, taking an ATV tour in Moorea is one of the best things you can do on the island. It’s really a great way to explore the island.

If you’re still undecided on the five tours I’ve mentioned above, I suggest this Grand Tour Quad Excursion in Moorea – It’s not too expensive, has perfect 5-star ratings, and offers one of the best ATV adventures on the island.

More FAQs

Is Moorea worth it?

Yes absolutely, it’s worth every penny and time you spend here and you won’t even regret it.

Is ATV riding worth it?

Yes, it’s totally worth it to book an ATV tour and ride them machines.

Is tap water safe?

Yes, you can drink tap water on most parts of the Moorea but it’s better to double-check with your accommodator. If you are health conscious, you can buy bottled water which isn’t much pricey.

How many days do you need in Moorea?

I’d say 5 to 7 days are more than enough for this small island if you don’t want to get bored.

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