If you’re planning a trip to Moorea and looking for the best travel guide, you’re at the right place.

You should not skip this opportunity, because some locals on Moorea mention the possibility of the islands of French Polynesia being submerged in future – just in a couple of million years.

So don’t hesitate, book your trip now and see the wonders of Moorea Island while they are here for us to appreciate.

Traveling to Moorea is not difficult compared to some other islands in French Polynesia. Though there are no direct flights to Moorea, the process is not that complicated. Stick around as I am going to guide you on how to get there quickly.

Where is Moorea located?

Moorea is a small island with an area of 134 sq. km located in the French Polynesia society islands which comprises 118 islands. French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of France positioned in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, midway between Australia and the USA.

There are over 17788 inhabitants on Moorea making it the second most populated island in this archipelago. Some islands in this archipelago are famous for being the best honeymoon destinations in the world, and Moorea Island stands out as a captivating gem.

The island is famous for its lush green landscapes and mountains that majestically rise above the sea, offering breathtaking views. Moorea is also famous for its overwater bungalows, white sand beach flanked by turquoise water and coral reefs.

Moorea Map


Things to know

Moorea is a Tahitian word that means “Yellow Lizard”. It’s pronounced as “moh-oh-RAY-ah”.


There’s no official religion but most people are Christians here. Christianity became the predominant religion due to European colonization.


French is the official language, most people speak French in Moorea and only a few can understand English. The cultural language is Tahitian, and the locals love it when someone speaks to them in Tahitian.

Basic Tahitian words

  • Ia Orana (ia-ora-na) is the word for Tahitian greeting (hello, hi).
  • Nana is used to say “Goodbye”.
  • Mauruuru (mah-roo-roo) means “Thank you”.

Basic French words

  • Bonjour (bon-zhuor) means “Hello” in English.
  • Merci (mair-see) means “Thank you”.


The currency used in Moorea is Central Pacific Franc (CPF) and the currency code is XPF.

Time Zone

Tahitian (People of Moorea) use GMT-10 as their standard time.

Sim cards

You’ll need a sim card for the internet in Moorea. Vini and Vodafone are mostly used by people and both have good coverage.

Moorea is most rural compared to Bora Bora and Tahiti, your signals will likely go in and out. It’s better you download an offline map from Google Maps.

ATM / Cash

You can use your ATM cards at most places, but keep in mind that they mostly accept Visa and MasterCard due to low fees. I’d recommend always carry some cash with you.


Normally Sundays in Moorea and throughout French Polynesia are off-days, you’d find most shops closed and fewer activities to do on Sunday.

Traveling to Moorea Guide

Getting to Moorea is relatively easy as it’s the nearest island from the Faa’a airport.

palm trees along the road at ta'ahiamanu beach
Views at Ta’ahiamanu Beach

Since there are no direct flights to Moorea Island, all the international flights arrive on Tahiti Island at Faa’a International Airport also known as Tahiti International Airport.

This airport serves as the main gateway for international flights providing access to French Polynesia’s islands. The airport is 3 miles away from the capital city of French Polynesia Papeete (PPT).

Once arrive in Tahiti, you can either take a ferry or catch a flight to reach Moorea.

The best way

For all the international travelers looking for the best way to get to Moorea is by booking a travel package or finding an agent that handles all of your travel arrangements, this is the simplest option ever.

Moorea vacation packages have all the details and inclusions listed, you just have to choose the best one for you. This way, you can just sit back and enjoy the trip without stressing much about where to stay or where to go, etc.

However, if you want to explore Moorea in-depth and are willing to take all the hassle, then definitely go on your own to get the most out of your trip.

International flight fares

The round-trip international flight tickets for Moorea can cost between $1200 and $3100. It is important to note that these prices may change depending on the time and location you are flying from.

Entry requirements

Depending on where you are traveling from, you must have a valid Passport / Visa and other necessary documents verified by the relevant department.

Whether you’re vaccinated or not, it is not necessary now to have a vaccination certificate. Also, the pre-departure test is no longer required for passengers traveling to French Polynesia.

Before you book tickets, check your airline / relevant state department advisory regarding your travel.

What to pack for Moorea?

Moorea packing list for travelers

Any small thing that you can get through the security that you feel the need for, bring it on. Because it’s 3x the prices on the island. Following are some items to keep in mind.

  • Bug Spray – You will find many bugs and mosquitos, bring a mosquito/bug spray with you. Mosquito lotion is also helpful in keeping mosquitos away from you especially when you’re sleeping.
  • Light Wears – Pack sun shirts along with longer lightweight pants/skirts, they would be really helpful in saving you from the sun during the day and mosquitos at night.
    A light jacket will also come in handy if you get cold easily.
  • Underwater things – As you’d be snorkeling, scuba diving, and engaging in other water activities on Moorea, you’ll surely need an underwater case for your phone or camera to capture your moments.
    Also, bring water shoes, swimsuits and if you can, bring the snorkeling gear with you.
  • Dry bag – Since you’re going on an island, in the middle of water, a waterproof bag is a must.
  • Sunscreen – You’ll feel the need for sunscreen as the sun can be pretty fierce out there. I recommend any coral/reef-safe sunscreen.

When you’re done with Moorea’s packing list, do check your airline baggage policy to see if you’ve over-weighted or packed something that’s not allowed.

How to get to Moorea from United States?

If you’re in the US and want to go to Moorea with minimal hassle, I’ll say book the tickets to Moorea from Skyscanner (they have the best deals), hop on a flight, reach Moorea and enjoy.

Don’t worry I’ve explained the process for Moorea trip from America down below.

If you are traveling from US to Moorea French Polynesia for tourism purposes, you don’t need to apply for a visa. However, you must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of return.

Many airlines like United Airlines, Air France, Air Tahiti, etc. fly directly to French Polynesia usually cost $1000 – $2000 (round-trip) depending on where from US you’re flying.

The distance between the US and Moorea Island is about 4125 miles (6640km), and the average flight time from LAX International Airport in Los Angeles to Faa’a International Airport is around 8 hours.

From there, get on a charted plane or ferry to reach Moorea.

Getting to Moorea from UK / Europe

Moorea is 15394 kilometers (9565 miles) away from London, UK. It’ll take you around 20 – 24 hours to reach Faa’a International Airport from London Airport. The cost of round-trip flight tickets should be around £2,000 ($2,500).

Note that there are no direct flights from UK to Moorea.

Flights from UK usually fly from London Heathrow airport to Los Angeles airport which takes around 3 hours and from there you’ll be departed for Tahiti. After an 8-hour long flight, you’d arrive at Faa’a Airport. From the airport, it will take you 15 – 60 minutes to reach Moorea depending on the transportation type you choose.

Tourists from UK and most of Europe are required to have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. A visa isn’t necessary, but do check your country’s visa policy.

I suggest checking your flight route before booking your tickets because some flights first go to Paris from London (a 60 minutes flight) and then to Los Angeles.

Inter-Island Hopping

Moorea is the third most visited island after Bora Bora and Tahiti, and people who come to these islands also plan to visit Moorea. I’ve laid down the process for those who want to travel Moorea from any of these two islands.

Air Tahiti charted plane at runway - Traveling to Moorea from Tahiti

How to get to Moorea from Tahiti?

Finally, out of the airport (you may stuck for hours in line at customs), now you may want to book a cab that will drop you at the hotel in Tahiti, if you have a stay here.

Or else you’d want to head straight to your primary destination – Moorea.

To get from Tahiti to Moorea, you have two options, taking a ferry or taking a flight.

Flight to Moorea from Tahiti

If you have taken an international flight directly to Moorea, then you don’t need to worry, stay at the airport if your wait for another flight is not too long until you’re called to board on a smaller plane.

For those looking to fly from Tahiti to Moorea, you can buy a plane ticket which should cost you between $100-400 depending on the time of year. Air Tahiti and Air Moana are two airlines that serve passengers going to Moorea.

There are four flights available daily, operating between 7:15 am and 5:15 pm.

It normally takes 15 minutes to fly from Tahiti to Moorea. My tip is to take the left side seats of the plane if you want to experience the breathtaking scenic views from above.

So, 15 minutes is what it takes, but don’t forget you’ll need to go through the airport procedure which usually takes an hour until you’re cleared from the airport.

It is probably the most expensive way but not the quickest way to get to Moorea.

Ferry to Moorea from Tahiti

If you’re staying in Tahiti and want to get to Moorea the easy way, then taking the Ferry is the best possible decision you can take.

Normally it takes 30 to 60 minutes to reach Moorea depending on the weather and ferry you choose. There’s a fast ferry and a slower ferry and the difference between them is around 30 minutes.

Ferry fares can range between $10 and $25 per person. You can advance book your tickets, if you don’t buy in advance, just show up 15 mins early prior to departure, buy tickets at the window and walk on.

In case you miss your ferry, don’t worry there’s a ferry in every two hours.

There are two ferry companies Aremiti and Teravau, operating between these two islands. The first ferry leaves Papeete port at 6:00 am and the last one leaves at 5:15 pm.

After enjoying this sea ride, you’ll arrive at Moorea’s Vaiare dock. From there take a taxi and head towards your resort.

How to get to Moorea from Papeete (PPT)?

First of all, whether you’re searching how to get to Moorea from Tahiti OR Papeete? It all boils down to the same question, people get confuse with this.

So let me clear this, Tahiti is the name of the island and Papeete is the city on this island. (Papeete is also the capital city of all the islands under French Polynesia).

The best option for getting from Papeete to Moorea is by taking a ferry. Head to the Tahiti ferry terminal, look for your ferry and get aboard.

Traveling to Moorea from Bora Bora

Moorea is approximately 234 kilometers (145 miles) away from Bora Bora, and the best way to get there is by flying. Alternatively, you can hop on a ferry but it’s not the most viable option I’d say.

Flight from Bora Bora to Moorea

Air Moana and Air Tahiti are the two airlines that fly directly between these two islands. There is one flight daily however schedule for this flight is not fixed.

The price for a one-way ticket to Moorea from Bora Bora varies between $200 and $300 for one adult traveler.

On normal days, it takes about an hour to reach Moorea Airport (MOZ) from Bora Bora Airport (BOB).

Ferry from Bora Bora to Moorea

Why I think the ferry is not a good option because it takes around 9 hours to reach Moorea from Bora Bora ferry terminal.

On top of it, this ferry doesn’t go directly to Moorea instead it takes you to Tahiti first and then to Moorea. So it’d be a long journey if you choose this option.

The ferry ticket costs around $100 per person and if you’ve got a baby less than age 2, then you don’t need to pay for him/her, it’s free.

Ferries from Boora usually operate three days a week, and only the Aremiti ferry serves this route.

I wouldn’t say it’s the most terrible option, if you love sea cruising and don’t mind a long journey, go for a ferry.

Where to stay in Moorea

After arriving in Moorea, the first thing you probably wanna do is get some rest, and for that we need to look for the best places to stay in Moorea.

kayaks on sand and paddles beside them with Moorea Manava overwater bungalows in the background
Manava Resort overwater bungalows

On the island, you have a variety of accommodation options including luxury Moorea resorts, family hotels, overwater bungalows and guest houses from which you can choose based on your budget and preferences.

When people visit Moorea, they often overlook the Mountains and just focus on the beaches. I’d suggest spending a couple of nights on the northern side of the island near Cook’s Bay, Opunohu Bay or Mount Rotui, you’ll definitely love the views from there.

Overwater bungalows

Staying in an overwater bungalow in Moorea is a must, as it’s one of the main reasons why the French Polynesia islands are famous. Though these bungalows are pretty expensive, you can still experience this if you manage your budget.

Note that these bungalows are built for two people, and do not accommodate families. If you can endure the extra cost, request a rollaway bed for children.

Beach bungalows

Beach bungalows are another great option if you like the idea of walking into the water instead of already being over it. These bungalows are slightly more affordable than overwater ones, yet they still provide the island vibes and amazing views of the waters.

Private Guest Houses

If you want to enjoy Moorea Island without breaking the bank, these guest houses are the ideal choices. You can get them as low as $50 per night during the off-season.

Best places to stay

Sofitel Moorea Kia Ora Resort is the best luxury option and probably one of the most expensive resorts in Moorea. They have a variety of accommodation options from bungalows directly on the beach to bungalows over the turquoise lagoon. They have the nicest beach in Moorea.

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa is another luxury resort that you’ve probably heard of. It’s on the far end of the island, has different options for accommodation. It’s an all-inclusive resort like Sofitel.

Manava Beach Resort & Spa Moorea is a slightly affordable resort in luxury options. Being within walking distance to cafes, restaurants and shops is its big selling point. This resort is the best option for those on a budget and still want to experience an overwater bungalow.

Moorea Island Beach Hotel is the best budget hotel located 600 meters from Tiahura Beach, the neighborhood of Haapiti. It’s a three-star hotel that offers air-conditioned double bedrooms. Although breakfast and dinner are not included, there are several grocery shops and restaurants within the walking distance.

Ocean Side Bungalow is a private bungalow with access to a private beach and is only a few minutes walk away from Lake Tamae. It features a bedroom with a nice outdoor bathroom and all other basic amenities. Consider renting a car or bike as this bungalow is a bit far from restaurants, shops and a beautiful public beach.

Best time to visit Moorea

Moorea has a tropical rainforest climate with average annual temperatures between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius (78°F – 82°F).

People say it’s too rainy here in French Polynesia which is not the case, sometimes rain can interrupt your plans, but overall it’s not that bad. The weather can differ from coast to coast, with one side being sunny (area around Haapiti gets the most sunshine) and the other being rainy (bays are rainier).

There are really two seasons in Moorea, according to which you can choose the best time to travel to Moorea based on your preferences and budget.

Dry Season

Weather in Moorea from May to October is cooler, it’s called the dry season. You can expect less rain & humidity but more tourists when you get to Moorea during this time. Therefore, food, accommodations and overall prices are way higher compared to the off-season.

One of the main tourist attractions is whale watching. Every year July to November humpback whales come to the warm waters of Moorea to mate and give birth. If you visit at this time of year, you can watch whales and maybe swim with them.

Besides the price, everything about the dry season makes it the perfect time to visit Moorea.

Wet Season

From November to April, it’s the wet/summer season here. Weather is hotter with more humidity in air and there’s a higher chance of rain during this time of the year.

The good thing about this season is there are not many tourists around and you’ll find things cheaper than the dry season.

Getting around Moorea

view of cook's bay from residence Vaipipiha
Cook’s Bay from residence Vaipipihu

Although Moorea seems to be a small island, it’s larger than you might think. The main road in Moorea stretches approximately 64 km and goes all around the island’s coastline.

It normally takes 40-60 minutes to drive around Moorea depending on the transportation service you use.

Apart from beaches, Moorea’s associated commune including Afareaitu, Haapiti, Teavaro, Paopao and Papetoai have their own distinct features which makes them excellent tourist spots.

On the north side of Moorea, you’ll find Maharepa, a village that serves as the administrative center of the island. Here you can find banks, post office, shops and more catering to both residents and tourists. It’s also an excellent place to go exploring.

In order to fully explore Moorea you’d need a transport service. There are three main transportation options which include public bus service, cars and bikes. I’d advise you to rent a car to get around.

Bus Service

There are two buses on the island, one is on the West coast and the other one is on the East. These buses start their operation from 5:00 am till 4:45 pm.

Bus service isn’t a reliable option as there is no fixed schedule, it doesn’t have A/C and you may have to walk as some stops may not be conveniently located.


Taxis in Moorea are pretty expensive, it’d cost you a minimum of $20 anywhere you go. Also, they usually don’t accept cards.


The best way to get around Moorea is via car. You can take it anywhere on the island, go on excursions and return at your convenience.
Another reason why a car is a better option is because it’s safer and more private compared to other transportation options. Additionally, having A/C in the car makes getting around Moorea a more comfortable experience.

Renting a car in Moorea typically costs between $80 and $100 per day, with a full tank of gas. I’d suggest renting a car from Papeete when coming to Moorea, as you’d find cheaper rates and more options there.


If you’re staying near the central areas, renting a bike/scooter is also a good option. Normally a bike for a day would cost you around $50.

What to do?

Moorea has everything you’d want on an island, it has beautiful white beaches and huge mountains. It’s interesting that you can experience both of these things on such a small island.

While most people choose to spend their time at resorts, beaches and lagoons, there aren’t many people in the mountains. Venturing into the mountains is a perfect choice for those seeking some solitude.

Here are things to do in Moorea:

Swimming with sharks and whales is a bucket list experience. You’ll find sharks and rays everywhere in the lagoons, and if you’re lucky you might get a chance to swim with humpback whales in Moorea (weather & timing matter).

Snorkeling is another popular activity in Moorea, most visitors include it in their Moorea itinerary. There are tons of coral reefs and colorful marine life in the waters of Moorea. Some of the best snorkel spots are Coco Beach, Temae Beach, Tipaniers Beach, etc.

Belvedere lookout is the highest point you can drive to in Moorea, you get stunning views of mountains around Opunohu and Cook’s Bay from there. To make the most of this scenic spot, many people choose to book a tour operator to explore this area.

Hiking is another great way to explore Moorea and its beautiful landscape. I definitely recommend taking a hiking tour, you’ll find many beautiful spots hidden from the public.

Tiki Village is a cultural center in Haapiti that allows you to dive into the history, culture and traditions of French Polynesia. It’ll be a memorable experience if you decide to go.

Answers to the questions you might have

Is Moorea worth it?

Yes absolutely, it’s worth every penny and time you spend here and you won’t even regret it.

Is Moorea safe?

Moorea is a completely safe island as the majority of the French Polynesian islands are. Crime rate is very low, it’s a very safe destination for travelers.

Is tap water safe?

Yes, you can drink tap water on most parts of the Moorea but it’s better to double-check with your accommodator. If you are health conscious, you can buy bottled water which isn’t much pricey.

How many days do you need in Moorea?

I’d say 5 to 7 days are more than enough for this small island if you don’t want to get bored.

Which month is best for Moorea?

May to October is generally cooler and are the best months to visit Moorea.

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