Looking to rent a scooter in Moorea? You’ve arrived at a helpful guide!
Moorea is a smaller and less developed island when compared to Bora Bora and Tahiti. When it comes to transportation, there are limited options available, and scooters are one of the most affordable choices on the island.

Riding a scooter in Moorea is a pleasant way to explore the island. Whether you’re staying in the heart of town or a bit further out, this two-wheeler can get you where you need to go quickly and easily.

In this guide, I cover all the essentials, from laws and regulations to tips and other important info about scooter renting in Moorea. So get ready to have an amazing scooting experience on the island!

Best Scooter Rentals in Moorea

Tourists sometimes struggle to find a reliable scooter rental service in Moorea, but there are ample options available on the island to meet the needs of most tourists.

You won’t come across international big names in Moorea, there are local businesses and individuals who offer rental services. They don’t have a huge selection of scooters, generally consisting of 50cc and 125cc options with a few companies offering electric scooters as well.

white scooter parked

Here are some of the best places to rent scooters in Moorea:

Moorea Scooter

Moorea Scooter is a popular scooter rental service on the island offering 50cc and 125cc scooter / moped options. They are conveniently located near the Moorea ferry terminal on the east of the island.

If you can’t pick up your scooter yourself, don’t worry, they can deliver it to you. You can contact them via WhatsApp to get more information or to book a scooter.

Moorea Fun Bike Cars & Scooters

Moorea Fun Bike is another popular rental service that offers not only rental scooters but rental cars as well. Renters can find them in north of Moorea near Cook’s Bay, about 11km from the ferry terminal.

They have 50cc and 125cc scooters available at hourly and daily rates. This rental company also provides pick and drop service if you need it.

Rent a Scooter Center Moorea

Along with scooters, Rent a Scooter Center Moorea also offers car and ebike rentals. The company is located in Le Petit Village, near Hauru Beach in the northwest of Moorea.

Like most other scooter rental places in Moorea, Rent a Scooter Center offers 50cc and 125cc scooters, both by the hour and by the day. They can also deliver the scooter to your accommodation.

Electric Motors Moorea

Electric Motor Moorea is located about 1 km on the eastern side near the Moria Viara ferry terminal. They have rental scooters as well as electric mountain bikes to meet the needs of a variety of customers.

Among scooters, they offer 50cc and 125cc and can deliver you anywhere on the island for free, while if you book an e-bike, they will charge extra for delivery.


In case scooter rental companies above are booked out due to high demand, you can try Moorea Rent Car Scooter or Hello Scoot for an electric scooter.

Accommodations in Moorea can also hook you up with a scooter, you can ask them too.

Should you rent a scooter in Moorea?

Absolutely, renting a scooter is a fantastic way to freely explore Moorea Island. It’s a budget-friendly option that gives you the freedom to roam around the island at your own pace.

The public transport on the island isn’t much reliable, taxis and other modes of transportation are either expensive or don’t have the same flexibility as you may have on the scooter.

Although your rental moped can help you travel long distances, it really shines when you just want a quick ride to a nearby shop, restaurant, or attraction. It’s a simple hop on and drive and you’re at your destination, enjoying the island breeze along the way.

Moorea Scooter rental place with mountains behind

How much a rental scooter costs?

Scooter rentals in Moorea generally cost around $50 per day for a 50cc scooter and $60 per day for a 125cc scooter option. If you don’t need a scooter for the whole day, you can rent one for 2 to 8 hours for $30 to $40 depending on how long you need it.

These scooters usually come with a full tank of gas, and when returning, you’ll need to fill them up. Moorea isn’t very big, so you likely won’t need to refuel unless you’re planning to cover very long distances or staying on the island for several days.

Moorea or Tahiti?

You can rent a scooter in either Moorea or Tahiti, it’s no big deal. You’ll find more options and slightly lower prices in Tahiti than in Moorea, but you’ll have to factor in the ferry cost to get the scooter to Moorea. So, if you already have a scooter in Tahiti, bring it to Moorea. Otherwise, rent one in Moorea.

50cc or 125cc

In the context of engines, “cc” stands for cubic centimeters. It is the unit used to measure the engine displacement. A higher cc engine typically produces more power and torque than a lower cc engine.

Moorea has a mix of rough and paved roads, with some hilly areas. Either scooter option will work, but you know more is better.

The 125cc scooter has more power, higher speed, and a bigger storage compartment than the 50cc. This makes it a better choice for longer trips and navigating steep roads.

Otherwise, go for the 50cc option as it’s a bit cheaper and although it’s slower, it can still get you around the entire island without any major problems.

Scooter or Car

Scooters and cars are different categories, but you might be wondering whether to rent a car in Moorea or a scooter. The answer really depends on your needs and preferences.

If you want to save some money and get the real feel of the island’s scenery and atmosphere, then hire a scooter. It is also an ideal choice when you’re staying in the city center and don’t intend to do a lot of traveling.

On the other hand, a car, though a bit more expensive, is a more comfortable and safer option than a scooter. You can travel in it without worrying much about the weather and time.

Scooter or Ebike

Ebikes are a fun alternative to scooters that you can rent to cover short distances on the island. It doesn’t mean you can’t do long distances but be prepared for a workout.

Renting an electric bike (e-bike) in Moorea is about $50 per day, which is about the same as renting a scooter. Both are open vehicles and have the same purpose of getting you to your destination, but one saves your time and effort and the other is fun and tiring.

Requirements to Rent a Scooter in Moorea

To rent a scooter in Moorea, you must have an active driver’s license and an identity card or passport. Additionally, you should be at least 18 years old and have prior experience driving a scooter or motorcycle.

In case you don’t have your driving license with you, an international driving permit (IDP) or BSR can also work here. But remember, if you want to rent a 125cc scooter, you’ll need to present a proper motorcycle license or an A1 license if you’re from Europe.

When renting a scooter, the rental company may ask for a deposit. The amount varies from company to company, so be sure to ask before you sign anything.

scooter offloading from ferry to Moorea
Scooter offloading from a ferry from Papeete to Moorea

What is it like Scooting around Moorea?

Driving a scooter around Moorea is a fun and exciting way to explore the island and experience its true vibe. Since the island isn’t very big, it doesn’t take long to travel from place to place, and the beautiful scenery just adds to the fun.

The roads are mostly paved and don’t get overcrowded, so really a smooth journey across the island. Moreover, the main road is well wide with three lanes, two for cars and one for bikes. Other drivers also show respect to bikers and scooterists and usually aren’t in a hurry.

Although there are a few rough roads that lead to attraction sites and remote parts of the island, it’s nothing to worry about.

Is it safe?

Yes, it totally safe to ride a scooter around the island. There’s no heavy traffic, the roads are usually lightly populated, the rules are easy to follow and the drivers are respectful. It never feels unsafe.

However, accidents can happen on any road with any vehicle, so it’s advised to drive safely and follow the rules.

riding scooter down the cooks bay road

14 Things to Know Before Scooter Renting in Moorea

1. Weather is unpredictable

Due to the tropical climate, the weather on Moorea is unpredictable, it can rain anytime even if your weather app is showing otherwise. You could get away with light rain showers but a heavy spell can ruin your plans.

So be sure to keep a rain jacket under your scooter seat, especially in the rainy season (November to April).

2. Sun can be harsh

Sun in Moorea gets pretty harsh sometimes which can make scooter riding uncomfortable. While the sun isn’t scorching all time, periodically you’ll encounter clouds but when the sky’s clear, it’s hot. So remember to wear sunscreen when riding a scooter.

3. Avoid riding at night

Due to the rural nature of the island, it’s not advisable to ride the scooter at night. The island is populated in parts and roads are not well-lit, which can lead to robberies and accidents.

4. Speed limit

When scooting on the main road in Moorea, you’ll see road signs indicating “60”. That means the speed limit is 60km/h here.

On connecting roads, the speed limit is 30-40km/h. This may seem low, but when you’re actually driving on these narrow roads, it doesn’t feel slow. This speed will allow you to fully enjoy the island’s natural beauty.

5. Assess the scooter

Like with any rental service, it’s important to inspect your scooter before you start riding it. So when picking up your rental scooter at the rental site or having it delivered, check the condition of the scooter and note any damage.

The best way is to take photos, so if there are any issues when returning, you’ll have the proof.

6. Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet when riding a two-wheeler in Moorea is a safety requirement. Rental companies usually provide helmets with scooters, but be sure to check it. Sometimes you get a helmet that doesn’t fit well or isn’t in the best condition.

7. Don’t forget to lock

Although the crime rate in Moorea is low, it’s still a good practice to secure your scooter and not leave it unattended. Rental companies usually provide a padlock/chain lock with scooters, and if they don’t, ask them for it.

8. Call for help

If you ever find yourself in trouble on the island of Moorea, call 17 for police help or 15 in case of a medical emergency.

9. Don’t Drink & Drive!

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Moorea, and the allowed blood alcohol level is 0.05%. If you’re caught over the limit, you may face legal charges.

Recently, Polynesian authorities have increased road checks in order to prevent traffic accidents, which have been on the rise. So, don’t try to break the rules!

a scooter going down the road

10. Be cautious of dirt roads

Although most roads in Moorea are paved and in good condition, there are few dirt roads that lead to attractions and rural parts of the island. Driving there can be precarious, especially after rain when your scooter could slip and you could get injured.

Some scooter rental companies don’t allow taking their scooters on very rough paths.

11. Drive on the right side

In Moorea, they drive on the right side of the road. So depending on where you’re coming from in the world, you might need some time to adjust to the switch.

12. Narrow and winding roads

As mentioned before, the main highway in Moorea is wide enough, but the link roads can be narrow and winding. Sometimes a dog and pedestrian can suddenly appear in front of you, especially near villages, so drive slowly and carefully on these roads even if you don’t see anyone else on the road.

13. GPS and Maps

Google Maps and others work fine on the island and can help you find your way with directions. But keep in mind that signal reception on the island isn’t always reliable.

14. Grab information from your rental

Before hiring a scooter in Moorea, it’s essential to gather all the necessary information from the rental company. Ask the company all your questions, and get as much info as you can, not just about the scooters but also about the island and scooting around it.

Wrapping up the Guide

Exploring Moorea on a scooter is not only budget-friendly but also a fun way to discover the island. I’ve provided all the important information and tips for renting scooters in Moorea to help you make an informed choice for your transportation needs on the island.

Answers to the questions you might have

Is Moorea worth it?

Yes absolutely, it’s worth every penny and time you spend here and you won’t even regret it.

Is tap water safe?

Yes, you can drink tap water on most parts of the Moorea but it’s better to double-check with your accommodator. If you are health conscious, you can buy bottled water which isn’t much pricey.

How many days do you need in Moorea?

I’d say 5 to 7 days are more than enough for this small island if you don’t want to get bored.

Which month is best for Moorea?

May to October is generally cooler and are the best months to visit Moorea.

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