When out on a trip, finding the best places to eat is one of the top priorities of any traveler. In Moorea, there are a variety of restaurants & food choices to sate your appetite.

Moorea’s cuisine is a delightful blend of Polynesian and French flavors, such as fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and exotic spices. Traditional dishes like “Poisson cru” and “Ahima’a” offer an authentic taste of the island’s culture.

In this guide, I will take you on a delightful journey through the best places to eat in Moorea, from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants where you can savor delicious dishes while enjoying the island’s breathtaking scenery.

Best Restaurants in Moorea – Best Places to Eat

chef at Sofitel Moorea serving food

1. La Pa’i Hot

La Pa’i Hot is a fantastic little eatery in Moorea situated on the northwest of the island in Hauru, about 10 minute drive from Opunohu Bay. They are open on weekends and closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.

This restaurant doesn’t look very attractive from the outside but the atmosphere changes when you enter, especially the outdoor dining area. It’s like a small garden with flowers, so you not only get to enjoy the food but the flowers as well.

They have a wide variety of fresh seafood and fast food items seasoned with Polynesian ingredients. Everything on the menu tastes good. The seared tuna, shrimp curry, fish burger, poke, and poisson cru are some of the popular dishes here.

The food portions are large and the drinks are also amazing, the owner and overall service here are friendly and welcoming. There’s ample parking, including a spot for disabled folks.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Seafood, Fast Food
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

2. Ke’iki

Ke’iki rocks as one of the best restaurants in Moorea when it comes to food quality and quantity. You can find them close to Hotel Manava Beach Resort, just a 5-minute walk away.

The menu at Ke’iki is a treasure trove of tasty options, with variations every day. You can choose from local delicacies to international cookery, covering everything from burgers, seafood, steaks, curry, desserts, and more listed on the menu.

The restaurant building is like a house with a cute garden and a swimming pool. Dinner tables are set on the veranda and outside in the yard. It’s not a fancy spot but it has a cool, laid-back atmosphere.

Food is the bright side of this restaurant, especially their must-try dishes like white truffle mashed potatoes, gnocchi, carpaccio, garlic rice, sashimi and the list goes on because everything here is appetizing.

So anyone looking for a wonderful night dining experience on the island, make a visit to this place without hesitation.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Seafood, Meat, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Dinner

3. Allo Pizza

As the name suggests, this place is famous for its mouthwatering pizzas and other tasty bites. You’ll spot this restaurant right by the main road near Cook’s Bay, approximately 2.6 kilometers from the Hotel Manava.

The star of the show at Allo Pizza is of course the pizza. They have so many options in pizza with a variety of toppings and combinations to satisfy your pizza cravings. From traditional Hawaiian pizza to unique Honey pizza, they have something for every preference, including vegetarian.

They use a firewood oven that levels up the taste. Besides well-cooked pizzas, they also serve pasta dishes, burgers, fries, steaks, etc., making it a perfect place for a casual meal. Chocolate lovers must try their chocolate mousse, it’s highly recommended here.

The dining area is limited with a few seats at the counter, but no stress – takeout is always an option.

This restaurant is truly a great spot for anyone seeking Moorea’s best pizzas while not breaking the bank.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food
  • For: Lunch, Dinner
Allo Pizza Restaurant in Moorea

4. Tiki Ma’a

This is a food trailer called Tiki Maa located on the north of the island near Opunohu Bay. You can spot this restaurant along the main road in Paopao village.

The food trailer/truck is infused with a small dining area that is covered with a metal roof. It’s like a proper cafe, so you can either dine in and soak in the island views or opt for a convenient takeaway.

The menu isn’t huge but it’s got enough to fill one up. They have burgers, fries, chicken, beef, fish, steak, etc. And don’t miss out on their tasty locally produced juices.

For desserts, you must try their delicious chocolate cake. And when it comes to main courses, the roasted chicken with potatoes, tuna tartare, and fish burger come high on recommendation.

The chef is not only good at cooking but also is a friendly person. It’s a fantastic spot for families on a budget with plenty of parking space.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

5. Manuia Grill

Manuia Grill is a nice little restaurant on Moorea Island with modern flairs. It’s a delightful destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure in Moorea, located in the north of the island, close to the Hotel Manava Resort which is about a 2 minute walk away.

They have a nicely furnished covered outdoor seating area that has a cozy vibe. You can also get a table on the grass under the sky if you want. Since the restaurant is an open-air spot, you might see stray dogs and cats around your tables but don’t worry they won’t bother you.

Their menu features a variety of dishes including seafood, grilled meats and local Tahitian cuisine. They switch up some fish items daily based on the catch of the day. Popular dishes include sashimi, poisson cru, tuna steak, rib BBQ, duck breasts, grilled mahi mahi, grilled chicken, grilled skewers, and more.

Overall meal here is flavorful and reasonably priced, and served in great sizes. This restaurant is a great option if you’re looking for something different from the food at Manava Resorts.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Sea Food, Meat, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

6. Rudy’s

Check out Rudy’s, a fantastic restaurant in Maharepa town near Cook’s Bay. It is famous for its seafood, especially the crab-stuffed parrotfish which is one of the top recommendations at this place.

Other than seafood, they have a variety of options in steak, pasta, dessert, drinks, etc., allowing you to taste international dishes with a local twist. Not only the food is delicious but the staff & service are also amazing.

It’s a small place with a classic Italian interior that creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to reserve yourself ahead of time or go early around 5:30 pm because often people are turned away due to no availability.

Another good thing about the restaurant is that it isn’t expensive, which adds to its advantages. Moreover, they even offer free pick-and-drop service to some accommodations.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Sea Food, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Dinner, Late Night
stuffed fish at Rudy's

7. Casa Vincenzo

Casa Vincenzo is a wonderful restaurant with beautiful indoor and outdoor dining spaces. It’s situated in the northwest of the island near the Tiki Village, about 10 minute drive from Opunohu Bay.

This spot is well-known for its Italian pizzas including burrata, napolitana, margherita, and prosciutto are one of the top recommendations here. The outer rim of pizza crust is like a fluffy cushion, and it’s baked in a brick oven which adds an extra layer of deliciousness to their pies.

Besides pizzas, you can also order pasta, dessert, and other dishes adapted to local cuisine. The menu has a good selection of delicacies and isn’t that expensive.

The food, as well as the service & staff are excellent, and because of this, they book up quickly. So make a reservation in advance to avoid any hassle.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Pizza, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Dinner

8. A L’Heure du Sud

A L’Heure du Sud is a nice little snack shack by the roadside on the northwest of Moorea in the Ha’apiti district. They only serve lunch and are open from 11 am to 4 pm.

Popular items on the menu are sandwiches, fish burgers, carpaccios, sashimi, poisson cru, tuna steak, passion fruit, etc., along with daily specials. Here portions are generous, service is impeccable, and parking is a breeze.

If in a hurry, then keep in mind that this place gets busy and serving time is long, so better come early or be ready to wait for your turn. Also, they have a small seating area at the back and you might not get a space, so that’s why come early or takeaway your food.

Whether you’re passing through or live nearby, make sure to pay a visit at A L’Heure du Sud, you’ll definitely love the flavors here.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Sea Food, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch
Man having lunch at A L'Heure du Sud

9. Restaurant Tiahura Chez Irène

While many restaurants in Moorea offer seafood, Restaurant Tiahura is a seafood haven with its extensive seafood platters.

The restaurant might not be the fanciest, but it’s got a friendly vibe with a local touch. The food is served in large portions and isn’t expensive when considering the island’s overall dining costs.

Their main specialty is seafood and it’s advised you try that rather than exploring too much elsewhere. Most of the items on the menu are seafood with standouts like parrot fish, coconut crab, sashimi, clam, thon, grilled octopus and more. Additionally, the coconut bread, poisson cru, and carpaccios are also worth checking out.

You can find this place on the northwest side of Moorea in the Haapiti district, about a 35-minute drive from the ferry terminal.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Sea Food
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

10. Le Lézard Jaune Café

Le Lézard Jaune Café is a nicely built restaurant that blends local Tahitian vibes with modern touches. You can find it up in Hauru in the northwest of Moorea Island.

This place isn’t cheap but isn’t expensive either when you factor quality of the food. The menu contains a wide range of dishes such as raw fish, traditional poisson cru, tuna, steak, duck, shrimp and more.

The seafood selection changes daily, so it’s a good call to give the fish of the day a shot. Plus, there’s a range of sauces and desserts to choose from. Beverage lovers will also enjoy their visit to this place.

The food definitely has the Polynesian flavor which sometimes goes missing at some places on the island. Visitors praise about everything, from the tasty food to the great atmosphere and the attentive service.

Despite the challenge of snagging a reservation, your effort will be worthwhile.

So if you’re looking for a nice restaurant in Moorea for some delicious meal or just want to switch things up from your fancy resort’s restaurant, this place is a must-try.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Sea Food, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Dinner
Poisson Cru dish at A L'Heure du Sud restaurant

Best Moorea Restaurants Near Hilton

11. Kaylakea Moz Food

Kaylakea Moz Food is a delightful spot at Cook’s Bay known for its tasty food. It’s about 5.7 kilometers from the Hilton Moorea, situated on the north side of Moorea.

It started as a food truck with outdoor tables under the shade, but they’ve revamped the place to make it look even better now. They are open for lunch and dinner, but sometimes they take the weekends off.

The good thing is that they’re usually open on Sunday when many other food places in Moorea are closed. Before heading over, I suggest checking out their Facebook page as they post daily updates there.

This restaurant offers a variety of dishes on its menu which includes local dishes, steaks, kebabs, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts. The prices are reasonable, and the food is on par with, if not better than some fancy cafes.

The service and overall atmosphere are really great and there is also plenty of parking available.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food, Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

12. Aoy Thai Food

If you’re craving a break from the usual Moorea cuisine, check out Aoy Thai Food restaurant. They blend Thai flavors with Polynesian ingredients for a unique dining experience.

It’s a small roadside stand, run by a friendly female owner who also happens to be the chef. Unfortunately, they don’t have a dining area, so you’ve to takeout your food.

The menu might not be massive, but there’s enough variety to make one love this place. The food is not just delicious but also comes in generous portions, and the best part, it’s super affordable.

You can locate this place in the north of the island, it’s just a quick 3-minute drive from Hilton Moorea.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Thai & Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

Best Moorea Restaurants Near Sofitel

13. Fare La Canadienne

If you’re looking to get some of the best burgers on the island of Moorea, Fare La Canadienne is your way to go. It’s a Canadian restaurant conveniently located along the main road near Sofitel Moorea Resorts, which is about 5 minutes drive away.

On the menu, they have a great selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more. Burgers are massive with generous salad and come in various options like meat, fish, cheese, and vegan just in case. The food is excellent all out, and not being expensive makes this place one of the best budget-friendly restaurants in Moorea.

The restaurant is kinda small, with only 12-15 tables. So to avoid any letdowns, try to go early or snag a reservation in advance.

Whether you’re a burger lover or not, I recommend visiting this restaurant, you’ll love the food and the atmosphere here.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner
burger and coke on the table waterside

Best Restaurants over the water / beach

14. Coco Beach Restaurant

Coco Beach Restaurant is a standout spot for anyone seeking a memorable meal with stunning lagoon views. The restaurant is situated on an islet also called Motu Tiahura, which is a quick 5 minute boat ride from the mainland.

This islet is also famous for its Coco Beach which is a fantastic spot for snorkeling. So, coming to this place won’t only treat you to delicious food but also make for an awesome day excursion.

Diners can savor dishes like poisson cru also known as ota ‘ika, tuna carpaccio, sashimi, and more prepared in traditional ways. While fresh seafood and meat are the highlights on the menu, the restaurant also caters to vegetarians and dessert lovers.

This spot is only open for lunch between 11 am to 2:30 pm and tends to get busy due to its picturesque setting. They’ve got enough space to accommodate a good number of people, but keep in mind that depending on the crowd, the food might take a little while to be served.

Furthermore, they have some tables in the water as well, so diners can have their feet in the water while eating their meal.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere is relaxed and the views are stunning from every seat. This place is definitely worth a visit, even if you’re not planning to eat there.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch

15. Snack Mahana

Searching for a cool outdoor lunch spot? Snack Mahana is a place where you can not only savor your meal but also soak in the gorgeous views of Moorea Island.

It’s located in Papetoai village on the north side of the island near the ocean, just a couple of kilometers from Opunohu Bay. The restaurant opens around 11 am and gets crowded pretty fast, so if you want to occupy a nice waterfront sitting or even a table, be sure to show up early.

While their menu may not be extensive, it’s got enough to satisfy a range of tastes. You’ll find a variety of seafood, steaks, and local dishes to choose from.

One of the must-try dishes is the ‘Poisson Cru’, a local specialty that consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk, often served with vegetables. Grilled mahi-mahi and tuna steaks are also highly recommended.

Apart from excellent food, the service and overall vibe at the restaurant are solid. It’s a great option for budget travelers.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch

16. Moorea Beach Café

If you’re in the mood for amazing views while filling up on delicious food, Moorea Beach Café is your place. This is a beautiful beachside cafe located in Maharepa, a town on the north coast of Moorea.

They have tables right by the beach over the deck, and even some in the water. You not only get to enjoy stunning beach views but can also catch breathtaking sunsets while eating your meal.

Apart from great location, they have a three course menu with a good selection of dishes to choose from, including pizza, grilled steak, pasta, lobster, salad, burger, tuna carpaccio, and more. In short, you can order from seafood, fast food, and traditional items to sate your appetite. And to satisfy your sweet cravings, they have delicious desserts.

While the restaurant leans toward the pricier side, the ambiance makes it worthwhile. The staff and services are fabulous and they offer pick-up service as well.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food, Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner
Moorea Beach Cafe for dining on the water

17. Te Honu Iti

Te Honu Iti is located right in front of the South Pacific Ocean with stellar views of Cook’s Bay. You can exactly find this place in Paopao village near the fish market, north of Moorea.

The restaurant gives off a homey vibe since it’s a converted home turned into an eatery. The chefs are a father and son duo and as you walk through the kitchen to the dining area, you can see them cooking.

The balcony terrace of Restaurant Te Honu Iti is on the water, offering a perfect spot to not only enjoy your delicious meal but also watch rays, sharks, and other fish swimming up to the restaurant.

The menu is a blend of local culinary and French cuisine and the outcome is delicious. You can savor a variety of fresh seafood, pasta, pizza, steak, dessert etc. Their onion soup, grilled mahi mahi, shrimp curry, and apple tart for dessert are highly recommended.

Besides amazing gastronomic delights, the restaurant’s idyllic setting with phenomenal service is the highlight of this place.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Food Type: Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

Best Places for Fine Dining in Moorea

18. Restaurant K

Restaurant K is one of the restaurants at Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea where you can have a fine dining experience directly on the beach. You can find this place on the east of Moorea at Sofitel Resorts, approximately 1.5 km from the airport and 3.2 km from the ferry terminal.

Keep in mind that the restaurant is only open on Thursday and Friday after 6 pm, and remains closed for the rest of the week.

The restaurant has well well-decorated structure inspired by local Tahitian architecture, featuring a wooden ceiling and an actual sand floor. Candles and lights on the tables create a romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for honeymooners.

This place serves up delicious cuisine with up to seven course tasting menu for the foodies. The potions are small and the wait time might vary depending on your order.

In general, the service and staff maintain a professional standard, and the overall atmosphere and setting at K are truly top-notch.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food, Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Dinner
dinner at Moorea Restaurant K

19. Holy Steak House

If you’re not a fan of seafood, then Holy Steak House is your way to go. It is located on the north side of the Moorea near Opunohu Bay, about 30 minute drive from the airport.

The restaurant is a blend of modern and local vibe, built into the mountainside. It has a balcony for diners to enjoy spectacular views of the outdoors as they dine.

On the menu, there is a vast range of dishes from steaks, BBQs, burgers, chicken, and various beef dishes. Although this is a steakhouse, some seafood items are also listed on the menu to satisfy every guest’s taste.

Food is a bit expensive though but the restaurant atmosphere, staff, service, and the food quality make up for that.

Moreover, they offer a complimentary shuttle service for pickup from various hotels and resorts across the island.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Meat, Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Lunch, Dinner

20. Toatea Crêperie & Bar

There are only a handful of nice overwater restaurants in Moorea, and Toatea Creperie & Bar is one of them. You can find this place right where the Hilton Moorea’s overwater bungalows are, as the restaurant is part of the resort.

This place is all about the incredible views and delicious crêpes. If you arrive before sunset, you will be able to watch a spectacular sunset over the bungalows.

You can sit outside and watch different fish, sharks, and rays swim by while having your dinner. If not comfortable outside because of the wind, you can move yourself to the well-lit covered area. And don’t forget to treat yourself to their crazy long list of drinks.

The service and atmosphere are top-notch, while the food is expensive. If you can afford it, definitely worth giving it a shot at least once.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Crepes, Drinks
  • For: Dinner
Crêpe on the table at Toatea Crêperie & Bar

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Moorea

21. Sea You Soon Moorea – Le QG

Sea You Soon Moorea is a small eatery tucked away in the northwest of the island, not too far from Tipaniers Beach, about 3 km away. This place opens at 8 am, making it a perfect spot for anyone wanting to grab a tasty breakfast.

This is a simple food place, serving up fantastic food with a friendly staff. They have seating areas both indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy your meal wherever you like it.

You will find a variety of dishes on the menu like pizzas, salads, fish, fries, tuna poke and more. Their pizzas, fish of the day, panini and poisson cru are some of the hot items at the restaurant.

With prices that won’t empty your pockets, and portions big enough to fill you up, this place is totally on our list of favorites.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Food Type: Seafood, Fast Food
  • For: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

22. La Grand Voile

If you’re in the mood for a delicious breakfast or lunch, check out La Grand Voile. It’s a sweet little roadside food shack on the north side of Moorea, about 2 minutes from the Hotel Manava.

The dining space is limited and fills up easily, the food arrives promptly but sometimes there may be a bit of a wait during peak times.

When talking about the food, this is where it shines. The top recommendation at this Moorea restaurant is their crepes, and alongside them, they have a variety of Tahitian dishes that are truly amazing taste-wise.

Overall, this is a wonderful place for anyone who is on a budget and still wants to enjoy high quality food.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Breakfast, Lunch

23. Fare Tutava

Fare Tutava is a cute little eatery that serves a wonderful breakfast and lunch. It is nestled along the road on Opunohu Bay in the north of the island, about 10 minute drive from the Hilton Moorea.

They are mostly open all week, starting at 7 am and closing around 6 pm. So, if you happen to come across them during these hours, go check them out for some amazing fruit smoothies, juices, fast food, seafood and even some jams.

Being in a convenient location, this spot is perfect for hikers heading to Magic Mountain, or anyone in need of parking can park their vehicle here for just 2 USD.

Additionally, some ATV tours of Moorea include a stop here for a quick snack, refreshing juices, and a taste of delicious jams.

So, it’s a great place with an amazing atmosphere and views, coupled with friendly staff, all while being budget-friendly.

  • Rating: 5/5
  • Food Type: Fast Food, Seafood, Polynesian Cuisine
  • For: Breakfast, Lunch

Cost of food in Moorea

The food prices in Moorea and throughout French Polynesia are generally high. On average, a single meal costs between $20 and $40 per person. If you plan to dine at a fancy restaurant, expect to pay somewhere between $50 to $100 per person.

For those who are on a tight budget, I’d suggest cooking your meals at home. There are grocery stores like Champion and Super U on the island where you can grab groceries at a much more affordable cost compared to eating out.

If you really want to dine out, then get your snacks from the roadside stands which offer items like pizzas, sandwiches, etc. that will help save some dollars.

What are the popular dishes in Moorea?

Since Moorea is an island, you’ll find seafood is the most consumed culinary on the island. Some of the popular delicacies include poisson cru (raw fish in coconut milk), hevrettes à la vanille et coco, sashimi, tuna, and mahi mahi dish.

Moorea Food Tours

Moorea Street Food Tour

For those passionate about food and want to get a genuine taste of the island, this food tour is a great way to explore and enjoy the flavors of Moorea.

Your guide will take you to the local food vendors, snack shops and businesses where you’ll taste a variety of dishes from different cultural influences. The guide is also knowledgeable and has background in culinary, so you won’t only be tasting food but also learning about the history of Polynesian cuisine.

Polynesian Culinary Experience

If you want to not only enjoy the local food but also learn about how it’s cooked, then this is the perfect tour for you.

You will be taken to the scenic Papenoo Valley where you’ll meet your friendly and informative hosts. They will help you in preparing local dishes using local ingredients in their well-kept facility/kitchen.

At the end, the food is laid out on the table from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the valley and mountains while eating your meal.

Wrap-Up: The Best Restaurants in Moorea

Moorea has diverse cuisine with a range of dining options to suit various preferences and budgets. Visitors can savor local and international flavors while soaking in the spectacular views of the island.

While some people may favor one place over the other, the restaurants mentioned above are considered some of the best on the island.

Answers to the questions you might have

Is Moorea worth it?

Yes absolutely, it’s worth every penny and time you spend here and you won’t even regret it.

Is Moorea safe?

Moorea is a completely safe island as the majority of the French Polynesian islands are. Crime rate is very low, it’s a very safe destination for travelers.

Is tap water safe?

Yes, you can drink tap water on most parts of the Moorea but it’s better to double-check with your accommodator. If you are health conscious, you can buy bottled water which isn’t much pricey.

Which month is best for Moorea?

May to October is generally cooler and are the best months to visit Moorea.

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